Lamination, Transformers, Stampings,Strips and Bobbins from Sewa

Lamination, Transformers, Stampings,Strips and Bobbins from Sewa


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Why Choose Us for transformers and Laminations

  • SEWA Commitment - resulting in value for money

  • Professional and experienced management with total commitment to quality, to ensure trouble free operation of your transformers within the specified parameters.

  • Competitive pricing compared to national and international prices. Our experience in sourcing ensures we buy CRGO raw materials at the best prices, benefits which are passed on to you.

  • Technical Assistance - Our qualified and well trained team is at your disposal to help you optimize your losses and cost without compromising on quality.

  • Stress relief Annealing - CRGO is a very delicate steel and handling and shearing stresses can easily increase the core losses and the operating current. As we relieve stresses by annealing at 820°C, you are sure to get the optimum results as guaranteed.

  • Large inventory of various grades of raw material readily available to ensure that you get what you need, when you need it.

  • We also assemble cores if required at nominal cost - one added advantage to save Labour and cost at your end.

  • Meticulous and specialized packing procedures - our packing methodology ensures optimum utilization of scarce floor space in your factory.

  • Special rates for Long term / High quantity value contracts. We do not consider ourselves just a supplier of a raw material to your company, but an integral part of your planning testing exercise - if you want us to be.

Quality Means: -

  • Quality in Cutting.

  • Quality in size – perfection.

  • Perfect paneling

We believe that the quality is not a one time initiative. It is an ongoing, continuous, rigorous self discipline process. Quality is the next act of productivity. We continuously probe, measure, analyze each of the critical production processes involved and then improve on them to ensure the stringest quality standards of our  products.

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Lamination, Transformers, Stampings,Strips and Bobbins from Sewa